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What do we do?


We annually run scholarships and grants amounting 170 million EUR, which contribute to the promotion of university education, research and knowledge transfer in Catalonia. Our strategy has been fundamentally based on concentrating available resources in building an excellence capacity. We manage over 30 grants programmes with a transparent and independent evaluation system through external experts.

Our main grant programmes are:

- University scholarships, mobility grants & loans.

- FI: Grants for the recruitment of new research personnel in universities and research centers and/or hospital foundations in Catalonia.

- DI (Industrial doctorates programme): Grants for research projects in strategic companies where the doctoral researcher develops its training in collaboration with a university, which will be subject of a doctoral thesis.

- BP (Beatriu de Pinos programme): Postdoctoral grants for the professional development of research staff and their incorporation into the Catalan science and technology system.

- SGR: Grants to support the activities of the research groups in Catalonia that are principally engaged in research and knowledge transfer in order to enhance their development and consolidation.

Through our internationalization area we develop activities to support the Directorate General for Research in strategic international programmes; we foster wider research cooperation and researchers’ mobility with other countries/regions. As an Euraxess contact point we promote the external relations of Catalan institutions, we facilitate talent welcoming services; we help to attract European funds for research and we develop training courses.

 Contact us at informacio.agaur@gencat.cat to learn more about us!




Update:  06.03.2017