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Welcome to AGAURs’ website. You will find direct access to information on all types of student and pre-doctoral and postdoctoral funding available. You will also learn about the procedures that you need to apply for financial support to carry on with your studies, your career development or your research activity.

Our "News" or "Most popular" section will help you, as a direct link to the topics that might be of your interest.

 In 2016, our 15th anniversary, we have been working to improve our efficiency in the management of grants and scholarships, with an open independent and rigorous evaluation process.     

During the past years, AGAUR has gained recognition in the field of research evaluation. Moreover, our area of internationalization projects’ promotes exchanges with other countries.

Please contact us, if you need any information you cannot find in the website.
Please keep us informed about your progress. If you are one of those 40,000 students who annually receive a grant managed by AGAUR, we care about you!
Help us to also improve with your comments and suggestions at

AGAUR, we move forward together!