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Partners Search

Transnational collaboration, count on partners with capacity to develop research and/or innovation and with complementary profiles, is essential in European projects.

It can participate natural or legal persons with the operational and financial viability to carry out the research tasks that they propose (e.g. any company, big or small, research organizations, universities, governmental organizations, third sector and civil organizations, educational communities, associations, museums, etc.) and involved in the development of research in order to align the results to the values, needs and expectations of European society.

Participants must have capabilities to establish new knowledge and/or explore the feasibility of a technology, product, process, service or new or improved solution. For this purpose it can be included in the project basic and applied research, technological development and integration, testing and/or validation of a small-scale prototype in a laboratory or simulated environment. Projects may include demonstration activities or pilots, in a limited way, with the aim of demonstrating the technical feasibility of an operating environment.

See below open networks for finding partners.

You can send us your profile, which will be distributed to the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the European Union, through AGAUR's partners search form.

CORDIS European Commission partners search service

CORDIS is the community information service on research and development and is the main portal and public repository of the European Commission to disseminate information on research projects funded by the European Union.

Its database contains more than 10,000 profiles of potential partners for RDI.

On this page you can express your interest in being a project partner or ask for yours.


ERRIN: regional representation in Europe

ERRIN (The European Regions Research and Innovation Network) is a platform of over 120 regional organizations which aims to strengthen regional capacities in research and innovation.

From their website ERRIN supports the search for partners through the publication of offers.


EEN: network of European companies

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a key instrument in the strategy of the European Union (EU) to stimulate growth and employment.

The network helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take full advantage of business opportunities in the EU and beyond and gathers 600 members, including chambers of commerce and industry, technology centers, universities and development agencies.


IGLO: RDI offices

IGLO is an informal association of RDI offices based in Brussels which includes 15 member and associate states (Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom) and 9 third countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, South Africa and USA).

IGLO aims to facilitate interaction, exchange of information and cooperation among its members, their national research systems and the European institutions on issues related to RDI and in particular with the research framework programs.

IGLO offers a good partner search service that works by filling in a form to disseminate partners search among all association offices.


IDEAL-IST: Information and Communication Technologies

IDEAL-IST aims to reduce the barriers that organizations wishing to participate in the IST program are.

IDEAL-IST consortium includes the NCPs and other entities representing all EU Member States and partner countries covering a total of 31 countries.

On this page you can include your partner’s demand, which will be distributed to about 55,000 contacts, and/or consult existing offers.


LinkedIn: stakeholders

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with more than 90 million users in over 200 countries.

Among interest groups that have formed part of this network to promote the exchange of knowledge and debate are tens linked to the European RDI. Search by keyword (such as Horizon 2020, EU Funds, Frammework Programme, projects search, etc.) the groups that interest you.


FIT for Health 2.0: Health

FIT for health 2.0 aims to improve the participation of European industry in the health area and offers a partners search tool that also allows the publication of your own profile.


IMI: medicines development

Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is the largest public-private initiative in Europe that supports the development of better and safer medicines for patients. IMI supports collaborative research projects and industrial and academic expert’s networks of to boost pharmaceutical innovation in Europe.

IMI is a joint undertaking between the European Union and the pharmaceutical industry association EFPIA.


AGRI POLICY: agricultural policies

AGRI POLICY is a project supported by the European Commission to establish a network of experts involved in the analysis of agricultural policies to encourage joint activities.


NMP TEAM: nanoscience and nanotechnology

Partner search service offered by the European network of NCPs on the NMP area centered on the open calls where you can both search for partners and publish an offer to be contacted.



MANAGENERGY is an initiative of the Directorate General for Energy and Transport of the European Commission in order to help all those who work for energy efficiency and renewable energy.


NET4SOCIETY: inclusive, innovative and reflective society

The NET4SOCIETY is the European network of NCPs on Social Challenge 6 of Horizon 2020 program "Europe in a changing world: Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies" and Socioeconomics and Humanities.


CDTI: thematic distribution lists

The CDTI is the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology under the Ministry of Science and Innovation. It promotes the innovation and technological development of the Spanish companies.

It offers different services, notably the promotion of Spanish participation in international technological cooperation programs. Registering in their distribution lists you can be updated on specific calls information and on the partner searches.


Update:  27.07.2015