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Influence European agendas and participate in discussion forums on European programs

AGAUR participates as a regional representative in the Programme Committee management meetings, where the European Commission (EC) agrees the Work Programmes with Member States. This action is intended to support the European strategy for research and development, fostering the Catalonia's agents active participation and contribution to the definition of European programmes.
The distribution of the regional representation in these committees is asigned in an annual basis, by mutual agreement of the Spanish autonomous communities within the Conference for the European Union related Affaires (Conferència per Assumptes relacionats amb la Unió Europea, CARUE). These committees meet several times a year, usually in Brussels, where representatives of each Member and Associated State defend its position based on the opinion of stakeholders concerned.
The Work Programmes (WP) are detailed documents prepared by the EC to support the implementation of the programmes. They are specific for each specific programme and in Horizon 2020 are published in a biannual basis. They contain the scientific and technical objectives, the economic impact and the specific implementation for two years of operation. The WPs include also references to the planned calls for proposals, specific activity lines (topics) and the type of action that it'll financed. Therefore, it's essential to check them to prepare a good proposal.
In the process of WPs' generation, the EC carries out several consultations: to participants from previously funded projects (consultation meetings), as well as, outstanding groups in different thematic areas or sectors (mainly European Technology Platforms, Academies). The drafts are discussed by the Management Committee for each specific programme.
However, the EC is also open to Expressions of Interest (invitations for suggestions to include in the future calls) to adjust the WP.

AGAUR offers you the option to send topic suggestions and contributions to the Work Programmes

If you wish to make contributions to WP's topics, you must show leadership skills of the project proposal and base your poposal on an inovative theme which gives response to societal challenges which have not been funded by European programmes before. You can include basic or applied research, technology transfer and innovation, focusing on policy priorities without predetermining technologies or solutions that should be developed. You must consider solutions not only based on the technology, but also non-technological and organizational innovation, as well as innovation systems and innovation in the public sector.

Priority will be to gather a critical mass of resources and expertise from different areas, technologies, scientific disciplines and research infrastructures to address the EU societal challenges. The activities should cover the full cycle from research to market, with an emphasis on innovation-related activities such as pilot exercises, demonstration activities, test benches, support for public procurement, design, innovation driven by end user, social innovation, technology transfer and assimilation of innovations by the market, as well as standardization.

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Update:  23.10.2015