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How to apply for a predoctoral university loan?

Formalities for a loan university (PREPOST 2016)

  1. Submittal of the application

    The application should be submitted on paper to the AGAUR registry or to any of the other places mentioned in Law 30/1992, of November 26, on the legal system of the public administrations and of the common administrative procedure, long with the supporting documentation.

  2. Verification of the data

    Once the application has been received, the documentation will be checked to make sure it is correct.

  3. Authorisation or refusal of the loan

    Once the documentation provided has been revised the AGAUR will inform the applicant of the result.

  4. Formalisation of the loan

    Once the loan has been authorised by the AGAUR, the applicant can go to the financial organisation with the AGAUR's authorisation to apply for the loan and, if he can provide the guarantees required, may formalise it.

  5. Control and follow-up

    Any applicants that have not already provided the registration must submit it to the AGAUR along with the justification of payment.

Update:  24.07.2015