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Grants for the incorporation of postdoctoral research staff into the Catalan science and technology system, within the Beatriu de Pinós programme (BP 2016)

Acceptance of grant

Acceptance of grant 20806 - Ajuts per a la incorporació de personal investigador postdoctoral al sistema català de ciència i tecnologia dins del programa Beatriu de Pinós (BP 2016) Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement
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The acceptance document must be submitted to the AGAUR register within thirty calendar days of the day following the date of publication of the award resolution on the Government of Catalonia enoticeboard and on the AGAUR noticeboard, together with the documentation required.

Documentation to attach to the acceptance document:

a) Copy of the candidate’s tax identification number, passport or foreigner’s identification number.

b) Copy of the candidate’s doctoral degree certificate or of the receipt for the request for the issuing of the doctoral degree certificate.

c) If applicable, the candidate’s sworn declaration of having taken maternity or paternity leave, of having cared for children aged under six, persons with a physical or mental disability or sensory impairment, or persons aged over sixty-five who depend upon the beneficiary and who require special care, or of having suffered a serious illness or disability. The compulsory supporting documentation must be attached to this declaration.

d) Original accreditation from the researcher who was or is responsible for overseeing the postdoctoral visit(s) made outside of Spain of the activities carried out and the dates upon which these visits have occurred.

e)*A copy of the deed of incorporation of the beneficiary institution and of its statutes or Memorandum and Articles of Association.

f)*A copy of the identification document of the legal representative of the beneficiary institution and of documentary proof of his/her power of attorney.

g)* Information on the remuneration paid to governing or management bodies, for disclosure purposes, pursuant to any corporate criteria adopted, or, as the case may be, to the relevant legislative implementation.

There is no need to submit documentation that has already been supplied to any other body of the administration of the Government of Catalonia, provided that no more than five years have passed since its valid submission to the administration and that it has not undergone any change. In such a case, the applicant must specify in writing the date on, and body to, which the documents were submitted and the procedure with which they were associated.

*In the case of universities and CERCA programme research centres, these institutions do not need to submit the documentation contemplated in Parts e), f) and g).


The grant beneficiary institutions must formally enter into the contract in accordance with applicable regulations within the period from the publication of the award resolution and 1 January 2018.