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Grants for the incorporation of postdoctoral research staff into the Catalan science and technology system, within the Beatriu de Pinós programme (BP 2017)

Scholarships and postdoctoral awards within the framework of the program Beatriu de Pinós (BP-DGR 2014). Modality A.

Acronym: BP-A

Call opening: 05/12/2014

Deadline: 02/05/2015

More information: Bernat Xancó i Ribot (bxanco@gencat.cat)


The deadline for applications is from 05/12/2014 to 02/05/2015 (closed)


The object of this modality is to award up to 25 two-year postdoctoral fellowships on a competitive basis to be developed in universities and research institutions outside Spain.


This modality is aimed at research staff who have been awarded their bachelor’s degree or their PhD by a university within the Catalan University System, and who have not carried out one or more postdoctoral stays outside of Spain with a total duration of two years or longer.


Adressed to

Researchers who meet the three following requirements are eligible for modality A:

  1. To be in possession of a PhD degree at the time of the submittal of the application (the date the PhD degree was obtained is understood as that on which the thesis was defended and approved).
  2. To have obtained the PhD degree after 1st January, 2011 or after 1st January, 2009 if any of the following circumstances can be substantiated: maternity/paternity leave; having had minors under six under their care, as well as people with physical, mental or sensorial disability or elderly people over sixty-five who depend on the beneficiary and require special care or; having had a serious illness or accident with medical leave equal to or longer than 6 months.
  3. To have obtained their bachelor's degree or their PhD degree in a university of the Catalan University System.

Researchers who have been awarded their bachelor's degree outside the Catalan University System shall not develop their postdoctoral fellowship in that same country.

They shall not develop their BP fellowship at the institution where they developed or where they were awarded their PhD.

Research staff who have carried out one or more postdoctoral stays with an overall duration of two years or longer, as well as research staff who have benefited from this modality in previous calls of this programme are not eligible for this modality.


The postdoctoral fellowships are awarded for two years. Postdoctoral fellowships shall start within the period comprised between the date of the publication of the final decision of the call on the AGAUR notice board and 1st October 2015.


The gross annual amount of the grant and allowance for traveling expenses to determine the basis of the call according to the destination country.

Submission deadline

The deadline for applications is from 05/12/2014 to 02/05/2015 (closed)

Call results

Award decisions must be made, by law, within six months of the day after each application submission deadline. If no response is received within this time, applicants should assume that the relevant body has rejected their application.