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Call for reviewers

The AGAUR is working day by day to increase his number of reviewers available. Nowadays, more than 4.500 reviewers from around the world are included in our database.

The involvement and dedication of the reviewers is essential to select the best proposals and the optimal investment of resources. The experience and the updated knowledge of the reviewers may provide useful opinions and pieces of advice to applicants of proposals. 

About 10.000 evaluations are made by the AGAUR every year. Before each evaluation process, the reviewers can receive a request of availability to review a maximum of 10 files, which will comply with the availability of every reviewer. Evaluations are made by Internet and are confidential and remunerated. 

Besides giving a great service to the AGAUR and to the Catalonia’s scientific community, the reviewer is able to know first hand the peer review process used by the AGAUR, learn about common problems with proposals and discover strategies to prepare competitive projects. 

To become a reviewer of the AGAUR send us an e-mail to avaluacio.agaur@gencat.cat with your CV. When selected, we will send you a formal document to fill in with your basic details.

Update:  22.09.2017